Database Building

Hi everyone,

This is a brief update on Island of Chaos’s continued production. Currently our dedicated team is working on database setup and a handful of technical aspects of the user & menu systems and Sprite organization. Because of this, there’s not a whole lot to really show (asside from these 8 sample characters), but good work is being done.

Our next major milestone for development is planned for mid summer, when we should have some more interactive elements to showcase. In between then and now, our team will be testing our current system and working on making it interactive via this website; so that announcement will be linked here.

Lastly, our team has found the messaging app Discord to be super helpful in collaborating on this project. If you have Discord, or just want to chat directly with our team, you can join our public Islands of Chaos channel.

Thanks for your continued support!

☠ IOC Team ☠

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