Animating Characters and Planning Databases

Hi Guys! Islands of Chaos Team here,

After a grueling summer, the majority of starter character animations have been mapped to sprite sheets, the items have been organized by type and purpose, and the database is finally being built. As a small team of developers, we couldn’t have picked a more difficult project to work on for our first foray into mobile gaming – but the challenge is worth the effort!

With this in mind, our next updates will likely be on a newly designed website, with integrated comment, sharing, and “like” features, so we can actively collaborate with fans and backers who have been tracking our progress from the beginning.

Sprites for Summer Vacation

Animation is difficult; there is no question. Formatting multiple character assets to sprite sheets that all somehow match up seamlessly, is a whole other story. The majority of the summer has seen a marathon of editing, testing, and re-editing characters so they line up with the necessary moving parts, items in hand, and creating a character sprite system that can work with any additional assets that eventually are added.

Clothed Characters: Harder to build then it looks!

Jabony Finally offers Players a Drink.

So far we’ve been able to put together 20 character arrangements which has helped troubleshoot a lot of the issues regarding layering of assets. Getting these few character pieces functioning together was an incredible task, and still needs the various colors and textures applied to finish the process out. These animations show a little bit of the different movements and actions that players can expect once a player has designed their character avatar:

Walk, Chop, Walk Walk, Chop.. It’s a Good Life.

In order to do this, each character is broken down into three Sprite Files: Heads, Bodies, and Clothing. Right now we have 20 heads, two body types (Athletic Male and Athletic Female) and about 10 different clothing outfits. Now that we have these mapped, the goal is to continue to add on more assets (More Heads, Body Types like Slim, Skinny, Husky, and more Clothing Options) so players can design unique characters all their own.

One Character quickly becomes 50+ Character Assets!

Item and Stat Mapping

We have been developing the database structure for player stats, items, and survival skills that will develop over the course of many Adventure Games. From what we have been hearing from fans, our goal is to integrate RPG elements and ORG social/strategy to create a more in depth and engaging experience. Scarcity, energy management, and collaboration will all play a role with the use of communal goals and shared items.

Designing the database for Items, Player Movement, and Item Inventories.

While conversations will directly affect relationships, item use and experience points toward survival skills will also drive players to either betray or befriend others within an adventure. In order to create this kind of gaming environment, a lot of discussion and planning has gone into our database design, and feel this will create a more enjoyable and challenging gaming experience in the end.

Our next update will likely be on a newly renovated site, as we are looking to involve more of the fanbase in the discussion. We also will be more active with the new site format, allowing us to post more regular updates, questions, and generate discussion about items, characters, and minigames. In general, it will be a positive change with more regular communication.

Thank you!

☠️ Islands of Chaos Team ☠️