Characters and Music

Hi Guys! Erik here,

As summer approaches, the IOC Team is organizing our to-do list, tackling development problems, and continuing the hard work of building a mobile app from scratch. The most important news since our March update is the addition of a new member on the team to assist with Unity Development.

Combined with the efforts of myself and the talented team at BrantSteele, we are pushing ahead and asking ourselves the tough questions that need to be asked in order to get the game functioning smoothly. Our present goal is having a working Beta version of the game built so we can play, test, and perfect the many aspects of gameplay before launch. We have never been closer to that point then we are now, and have no intentions of slowing down!

Island Avatars

Island Avatars then and Now. Red: 2011 Yellow: 2017

Since the Kickstarter was funded some years back, the Island Avatars have gone through multiple transitions and creation phases, resulting in… well, a lot of redundant and painstaking work. While the original scope of the project asked for players to be simple 2D comic characters against a flat backdrop, since that time they have evolved to accommodate an explorable 2.5D Isometric Environment. This change allows for our characters to now occupy space (instead of acting as stand-ins for players) and actually animate within the environment.

IOC Starter Heads Sampling

While the new isometric designs are helpful in a lot of ways, the amount of work is increased simply because of the demands of animation and variation. Take one head design as an example; it needs to have two “look forward” images (left and right), two”look backward” images (left and right), and then have 20 variations to accommodate 5 hair colors and 4 skin tones!

You can see how this quickly compounds over time. Currently, on characters alone, I am managing over 1,000 images – and that’s just for the starter characters! We hope later on to produce more “Character Packs” as promised in the original Kickstarter Prizes, featuring different clothing, faces, and body types (thin, husky, short, tall, etc.). This has been one of the biggest art undertakings of the project so far, and one of the major tasks being tackled since March.

In Game Music

Trace of Lime, Siyabuya Marimba Band, and Mighty Acorn

An oftentimes overlooked element for Indie Games is the music that will accompany players. Luckly over the past year we have found a handful of talented bands to work with on creating a memorable soundtrack for Islands of Chaos that fits the island environments.

The Islands of Chaos theme was created by Dillon Murray of the band Trace of Lime.

Margarita Exploration Soundtrack songs were provided by South Africa’s own Siyabuya Marimba Band.

Various Minigame Themes are also currently in production by Europe based Game Musician Mighty Acorn.

What can I Do to Help?

While we are waist deep in Unity code and Character Asset files, we still are looking for any interested musicians willing to contribute music to our project or any additional programmers looking to work on their first big gaming project. If you are interested in either of these possible ways to contribute, please email us.

We are always looking to share the news about our latest update as well; so please repost this post or follow us on social media (see the icon links below) if you wish, and tag us with #indiegame if you are into that whole hashtagging thing.

To all the backers that helped bring this project to life and continue to follow along with our updates, thank you for your continued support! I look forward to playing one day with all of you.

Erik Reichenbach