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Adventure and Minigame Advances

Hi Guys! Erik here,

It’s been about 2 months since my last update, and a lot has happened in that time. Unity is proving to be the right way to go with it’s flexibility and ease of use to create islands, characters, and complex menus. As more and more takes shape each day, we advance closer to the goal at hand; developing a playable Beta version where we can begin testing the challenges and voting system. Huzzah!

Island Movement

Our First Steps towards Player Movement Testing!

Our island environments have quickly developed following the decision to build them out isometrically. Using a combination of 3D elements and 2D “props” our goal was to keep the comic book visuals and apply those to the space. The resulting map is an original creation that can be replicated in the future, once our other concepts and themes are finalized. There are still two more Margarita Island camps to be built, and later on, multiple new islands with their own camps as well!

Avatar Animation in gif action.

Following the development of the player avatar database we will work on animating our 2D characters so they will move more naturally in the world. Animations that need to be considered are walking, swimming, and using an item (such as a machete).

Minigame Demos

Players are Rolling, Falling, Swimming, Dodging!

It’s really rewarding to witness the minigames come to life (especially after seeing them in multiple iterations on paper) and now a handful are at the point where they can be tested and played. There is a lot of fine tuning still left to occur, but we are at a really great place in development to continue knocking these out.

Create New Player

Main Menu setup ready for Database Connections

Although not as glamorous as the minigames, avatars, or island environments, the menu system serves as the backbone of the game and can’t be neglected. As we are rapidly approaching a state where the game will be tested on multiple size screens and devices, the menu has lead us to thinking over lots of aspects of the player accounts as well. Some issues that have come up requiring more thought because of the menu system include the item database, player stats, and how the adventure matchmaking operates.

Multiple Items can Craft Rarer Items

Alongside a database for the character avatars we need to design a detailed place to log items and “item crafting”. As seen in the animated image above, items can be combined to form other more complex or rare items to help players. This all needs a place to exist on the servers, and in the meantime we are hoping to continue the conversation with fans on our social media on what items can be combined to make other items.

What can I Do to Help?

Since our last update we have received a lot of messages on social media asking to sign up for Beta Testing once we arrive at that point. Currently we are not looking for testers, but if you are still interested we will be contacting those on our Email List once that time comes. If you are interested in joining the IOC Mailing list, please email us!

We are always looking to spread the news about our latest updates; so please share this post or follow us on social media (see the icon links below).

To all the backers that helped bring this project to life and continue to follow along with our updates, thank you for your continued support! I look forward to playing one day with all of you.

Erik Reichenbach

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