New Minigames and Unity Development

Hi Guys! Erik here,

It has been a long time since our last update, so I figured it was high time for a look at the production status of Islands of Chaos thus far. The last year has been another turbulent one, but for the first time in a while I feel the winds have changed, lifted the sails, and Islands of Chaos has regained its direction.

One of the major setbacks in production has been simply finding a programmer, or team of developers, to collaborate with especially given the scope of the project. This major hurdle has been delaying the amount of work that can be done and has forced me to take on dual roles in order to keep progress moving forward. That’s right; I have forced myself to create the art while simultaneously teaching myself to program in C#.

Despite my severe deficit of technical skills I have found learning Unity 3D to be surprisingly quick to learn and intuitive. Case in point…

New Minigames!

Balance Balls with Menus

One of the major focal points of Islands of Chaos are the minigames, so I thought it would be best to build those out first. For Adventure Mode a minimum of 10 challenges are needed to limit the amount of replay, since each game cycle involves two challenges.

Pictured here are some renders of a few of those games complete with UI:

Slide Puzzle

Temple Tower

Crab Digger

Memory Cards

Roll Arena

..and more images featuring other Minigames currently in the middle of production:

Cannon Blast

Sandollar Slots work in progress

Reef Rush, featuring animated Bubbles!

..and Fishies.

Beginning Adventure Mode

Along with developing the Minigames, I have begun putting together the bulk of assets for Adventure Mode, where your character avatar explores the island, finds items, and ideally won’t pass out from exhaustion.

The Adventure Mode will take place in 2.5D Isometric View – a fancy way of saying,”It looks 3D but acts 2D”. Adventure mode has gone through a few different transformations, starting in a weird 2D “menu system” style similar to a “Room Escape” game, then was conceptualized as a completely 3D experience in Unreal Gaming Engine, and now has settled into the isometric view. I believe it’s the best of both worlds, and stays true to the original art style of the original mockups.

Isometric Adventure Mode Island Assets

Evolution of the first Island of Chaos

Collection of Items

Because it wouldn’t be a game without some aspect of character development, one of the goals I have for the items is to create enough variance to combine food, tools, and strategic items to make better items or create significant game advantages.

As an example, a player could use flint and wood to make fire, boil water, crunch coffee beans, and get a 2x score boost in the next challenge because they’re hopped up on caffeine.

Coffee or not, my next goal is to start development of the Island Environment!

The Game Algorithm

The guiding force of the Adventure Mode is the Game Algorithm; a set of rules and percentages that will determine the course of the game. For this, I was able to team up with the talented developers at, a powerful and fun game simulator site. Through collaboration, they were able to develop a unique prototype of the Islands of Chaos Game Algorithm that generates a new and unique game every time based on a collection of possible twists, votes, and percentages, seen here:

Game Algorithm in action

What More is Needed to Finish the Game?

There is still a lot that is left undone simply because the full scope was not understood at the time of conception. Some of the major items that still need attention include the Skills/Stats Tree, Character Creator, and Matchmaking system which will actually work on pairing up players into Adventure matches.

As stated earlier, I have not lost faith in the project and am looking forward to continuing to build the next game elements required, which will be documented in our next update.

Want to Get Involved?

While I have taken on a dual role of programming and creating art, we are still looking to add 1-3 Unity 3D developers to our team to help finish the game quicker. We are also looking for a general Project Manager to help handle the day to day progress of programming development and organization. If you have a background in Unity Development, are interested in being a part of the project, or know someone who might be helpful, please email us!

We also are looking to spread the news about our latest update; so please share this post or follow us on social media.

To all the backers that helped bring this project to life and continue to follow along with our updates, thank you for your continued support! I look forward to playing one day with all of you.

Erik Reichenbach